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Good news for mobile phone users

From June 2017, British visitors to Europe will no longer be charged additional fees for using their mobile phones. This is great news for business people who need to keep in touch with their UK base of operations when travelling in Europe. Ironically, it is the UK that has been a vocal supporter of this EU initiative.

The UK has led from the beginning in getting agreement on this point. In March last year, the PM and Germany’s Chancellor Merkel called for accelerated progress towards deepening the European single market in telecoms, including the abolition of roaming charges.

Last month the EU agreed a deal based on those proposals.

The Prime Minister David Cameron said:

“This deal is fantastic news for British consumers and shows that the UK, working with its partners, can deliver real change in Europe, bringing significant benefits for working people. It also shows that the EU can show the flexibility and creativity to deliver changes that benefit people in this country and across Europe.

This deal will deliver major benefits for consumers in the UK, and those across the EU.”

Roaming charges will no longer apply for those making calls, sending texts and using the internet on their phones or tablets in the EU.